Mentorship Program

designed specifically to meet the unique needs of individuals






Skill Level





This mentorship program was designed specifically to meet the unique needs of individuals – new graduates as well as those with experience – who want to effectively process the information received in group training, stir their creative fire, build confidence and add to their skill set. Based on my 20 years of teaching and facilitating more than a dozen teacher trainings, I’m confident that this 18-hour module-based program provides focused, one-on-one mentorship to help you become the teacher you truly want to be.

Your needs are my foremost concern. Your curiosity, questions and interests will steer our discussions and meetings. This outline includes but is not limited to the topics we will cover together.

Learning Path

Uncover patterns that may be holding you back, realize your unique perspective and turn struggles into confidence and successful.


Practice active, positive language to improve clarity and reflect your intention.


Learn to stabilize yourself as you support others.

Understand the class arc and creatively build poses and classes to keep you and your students deeply engaged.

Learn to weave meaningful themes and intentions throughout your classes.

Manage the challenges of career and personal growth.

Learn to capably teach the broad spectrum of the yoga tradition, from meditation and savasana, to breath work and philosophy.

Receive critique and specific guidance on live or recorded teaching.

Review any basic or advanced postures to deepen your asana practice and ensure proper demonstrations, modifications and hands-on guidance.

Meetings will be in person
at my home or on Zoom

Financial commitment

Full Program: $1,080 + HST.
A la Carte: $150.00 + HST per 2-hour module. E-transfer/Paypal